Both Jasmin and I have had quite the hectic schedules for the past couple of weeks, leaving us barely any time to catch up and spend some quality time with one another. Consequently, when it was Jasmin’s birthday we finally wanted to have some “us” time, but we both were pretty low on energy. Jas was in no mood for big celebrations, and to be frank neither was I. So a Girls’ Spa Day full of relaxation and pampering sounded like a great idea.

Myoka 5 Senses Spa was the ultimate option, as we have had treatments there before, and were always pleased with the quality and the professionalism of the staff. After having a look at what was available, we went with the Royal Hammam.

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We came in, and were instantly greeted by the cheerful staff, and introduced to Sandra and Tatjana; the two sweetest girls who carried out the treatments. After changing into bikinis and bathrobes, we made our way to the steamy hammam with exquisite golden doors and a middle eastern feel to it.

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The moment I walked into the steam, I started taking deep breathes to significantly benefit my lungs, throat, and lubricate my slightly irritated respiratory system. Inhaling steam is also great at preventing excessive dryness of mucus membranes, that is mostly due to the dry air caused by the air conditioning in summer.

Steam in general has many health benefits, such as improved circulation, pore rejuvenation and cleansing, sinus congestion, headaches, and skin problems when essential oils are added to the mix.

As we laid there inhaling the steam, our body temperature rose, blood vessels began to dilate, encouraging blood flow and overall circulation. Our bodies were being scrubbed down whilst a hint of peppermint pleasantly hit our senses. At that point, we got a gentle splash of cold water nearly waking up our skin from the utter relaxation. I could almost feel my pores tighten and get firmer. Using cold water in steam and saunas is pretty much a boot camp for our immune system. Brushing and scrubbing our skin in such an environment stimulates our pores to open more, and once we start sweating, all the toxins from the surface of our body come flowing out. Cold water closes our pores effectively, pulling the blood back to our core organs, and reinforces our natural defences.

The procedure also included a gentle head to toe massage adding to the tranquillity. We walked out of the hammam feeling de-stressed and 3 pounds lighter! After that a refreshing glass of cold lemon water to cool down. We were then taken down a beautiful winding staircase to the relaxation area for some green tea and a glass of bubbly, which was the perfect ending to such a delightful experience.

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We would like to thank Myoka for the superb experience! Also, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletters to get a free voucher from Myoka. Go to our Home page and enter your details to get a free voucher book 🙂

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