This summer has been a hot and humid one as per usual but fear not summer-lovers, as it’s not quite over yet.  During the cooler months of the year I tend to go all out beast mode and train about 4 to 5 times per week. I love the adrenaline rush of a workout and let’s be honest, that satisfying feeling at the end is so worth all the pain and sweat. I usually combine a few boxing classes with gym sessions, some swimming and a Pilates class here and there because day in day out gym would bore me stiff.

But the summer months bring out my lazy and lethargic side. After a day of work, or even just running errands I am absolutely drained and have no energy to train! The few times when I did try force myself to the gym I ended up staring at weights and moping around- so frustrating! So I make sure to do a training session at least once a week, whatever that may be, and then walk down to the beach and go for a swim a couple times.

Home workouts are so much fun and you get to be super creative using furniture and things that you find around your house! When I can’t be bothered to drag myself to the gym or a class, I just make up my own routine at home. In this video I do a circuit that starts with skipping as a warm up (you can buy skipping ropes online and even in supermarkets like Pama for a couple euros) followed by different sets targeting all parts of the body using a bag with books, a chair and some ankle weights. So once you get out of bed drink some water get a coffee or whatever beverage you have to kick-start your day, crank up the music and get your sweat on!

The At Home Circuit: Repeat this 3 Times

-Start this circuit with 1 minute of continuous skipping. If you stop or whip yourself with the rope in-between, don’t worry; just continue skipping till you’ve done a minute. This is one hell of a cardio and trains your legs, arms and shoulders while also targeting your core.

-Get a chair and push it up against something so it doesn’t slide while you do your dips. Do 12 reps of dips. This targets your triceps primarily and also your shoulders.

-Fill a material bag with books or whatever is heavy enough for you to lift and do 12 upright rows with the bag in your hands as seen in the video

-They look like a lunge squat but I’m going to call them Flamingos   Raise  one leg behind you on a table or surface (not too high…you should be able to stand comfortably) and stand on the other with a slightly bent knee. Do 20 reps of Flamingos per leg. This exercise targets the glutes to the max and really burns. Make sure to focus on the muscle you want to train (in this case your tush, hammies and quads) so that you are solely using them.

-A standard squat set with weights in your hands. Get deep when squatting and for the last few reps do short bursts of squats (don’t go the whole way up; works your tush even more). 20-25 reps of squats.

-Strap on some ankle weights (if you don’t have these, then double the reps to work harder! But again, ankle weights are real easy to find online and in most big supermarkets) and get to doing them donkey kicks. Try do a mix of straight kick backs and some with your leg at a 90 degrees angle to target different muscle groups along your legs and glutes. If using ankle weights, do 20-25 kick-backs per leg.

Now start the circuit again! 🙂 

End your workout with something fun like handstands or balancing on an Indo Board (I’m new to this one) or go for a swim.

Lots of love and fitness motivation,

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