The past few days I’ve been thinking of how to incorporate more workout videos for you guys and with the help of Marco (my bf) we came up with this. The usual short videos but trying to solely focus on certain muscle groups and parts of the body. Obviously I am no fitness instructor or personal trainer, but both of us have years and years of love for all things fitness and sports related so these videos are what really work for us 😊 .

We hope you enjoy them and start incorporating them into your sets. Aside from one of the exercises which is done using a machine, all can be done in the comfort of your home…just crank up the weights and get sweating! (You can use 2L bottles of water, or a heavy book…just remember: safety first, we don’t want anyone getting knocked on the head by a book!)

Whenever I do an upper body workout, i always add 10 minutes of rowing to my warm-up. Rowing uses all my back and most of my upper body muscles, plus i actually feel it working my tush as well!

So once you are properly warmed up and a little sweaty, start your workout.

The Upright Row is one of my favourites as it really works the shoulders and gets your outer arms in super shape. This one can be done with any weight…even a baby for you mamas out there 😊

The Lateral/ Front Raise requires a tiny bit of coordination…Marco was proper laughing at me as I was really concentrating on getting the raises done in the right order 😃
Remember that one full raise is both lateral and front. Also, for this exercise please keep your weights low as you want to manage to do the full 12 reps without struggling.

The Individual Shoulder Press is puuuure shoulder and I love it. Such an easy simple exercise that really does it’s job and gets your shoulders rounded.

The Machine Shoulder Press does the same job as the previous one..just more controlled.

Hope you enjoy this one boys and girls!

Happy weekend!

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