A little too much time has passed since I last made a sweaty workout video for you guys and to be frank, the summer heat and long hours of work have gotten to me and I am not training as regularly as I used to. Doing any form of exercise is what makes me who I am; I feel alive and happy and comfortable in my own skin. So being that my main exercise in summer is swimming I incorporated it into this workout video.  I either go for a swim after work or else after a training session.

My ideal workout during these sweltering hot months would be to warm up for roughly 15minutes on the treadmill or rower or air-walker (i.e get sweaty) and then do a short (30-45mins) session at the gym comprising of quick bursts of energy using  body weight exercises and a few actual weights and movement. In other words a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training).

In this clip I put together a short but incredibly intensive circuit. The planking really works your whole core while the push-ups activate your biceps, triceps and shoulders. The plank push-up is a classic for me as it kills my arms and by the end of the circuits they are usually tingling and burning (along with my abs). All versions of the knee-tuck are primarily focusing on your core but also work other muscles along your legs and upper body while moving. A classic Crossfit move; the overhead kettlebell squat. You get your glutes working real good plus the rest of your body since you are swinging up the kettlebell. Lastly, my secret weapon to getting that V-shape on your lower abs; hanging side sit-ups. Love these! To make them more challenging I lift a weight in between the reps.

Remember, this circuit is what works for me and you might want to do way more reps or a few less. That’s entirely up to you 🙂

The Circuit:

-15 second plank

-5 push-ups

-5 plank push-ups

-10 straight knee-tucks

-10 crossover knee-tucks

-15 overhead kettlebell squats

-15 side sit-ups per side

Repeat this Circuit 3 times!


Now swim and stretch those muscles 🙂


Lots of love and fitness motivation,

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