An easy-peasy gem of a recipe that you can store in the fridge throughout the week for a quick and super healthy spread on toast or to dollop into your granola breakfast bowl. The chia seeds bind the mixture all together and give it that jelly-like consistency reminiscent of a (usually) sugar-loaded jam. Sweetened with natural ingredients this is a clean and sugar-free jam that not only tastes yummy but truly is good for you. Oh and it’s perfect for kids 🙂

Foodie Fact:

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants and nutrient-dense whilst Chia seeds follow suit as a nutrient-dense seed with large amounts of fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids and protein (to name a few)!

The Chia seed plant is native to central and southern America and (many moons away) was a super important food for the Aztecs and Mayans. They valued these seeds so much so  that the word “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength”. Even though they’ve been a dietary staple for hundreds of years, it’s only recently that they’ve surfaced and are now recognised as a 21st century superfood!

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Makes approx. 2 small jars (as seen in the photos)

Chia Seed Jam Ingredients:

2 cups chopped fresh strawberries (approx. 400grams)

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds*

2 tablespoons Maple Syrup (or honey/agave/date)

sprinkle of stevia



Wash and chop up the strawberries and sprinkle a little stevia over them (leave for 2-3 mins)

Bring out a pot on your hob and put the strawberries in. Mash roughly with a fork until you get a lumpy semi-smooth consistency (several recipes online use a blender…but I didn’t want a pureed mixture…it’s nice to have bits of strawberry in it) 🙂

Switch on the hob and stir the maple syrup into the pot of mushed strawberries

Let it slowly reach a bubbly (gentle) boil and then stir in the chia seeds

This yummy little jam should be cooking on the hob for a total of 10mins

Turn off the heat and pour the jam in a clean (wash it with boiling hot water to sterilize) glass jar and let it cool completely before refrigerating

The only part of this recipe that takes long is that you need to leave it in the fridge for a couple hours (I’d say 1.5-2hrs minimum)…then enjoy throughout the week! 🙂

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*I got mine from Noberasco which you can find at leading supermarkets like Arkadia or else online at  (drop these guys a message via FB if you’d like a full listing of all the stores that stock their brand) 


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