By now I think it’s pretty clear that both Dila and I have a magnetic pull towards anything that’s natural and organic. So it comes as no surprise that we finally spent a day at this wonderful Eco Spa nestled in the Naxxar hilltops. We had been to Sanya a couple weeks prior to our spa day to attend a sprouting workshop which, by the way, was so inspiring that I have already purchased seeds and the necessary tools to grow my own healthy micro greens and sprouts 🙂

Sanya’s concept is to offer a beautiful place to relax, detox and put that hectic lifestyle on hold. A so to speak ‘one-stop-shop’ where you learn to prioritise your wellbeing and the significance of being truly balanced and in harmony. All while being pampered with organic food, incredible yoga and meditation sessions, massages using natural, locally made products and all the facilities a spa has to offer. 

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As we walked in with our bags and endless chit chat (Dila and I always, without a doubt find something to talk about) we were greeted by Larissa and her positively calm aura. Along with the delicate soothing scents that wrapped around me, she put us into a relaxed state of mind and made our whole day so very zen 🙂

First things first, we changed into our swimwear, wrapped up in their plush robes and headed for the pool area. I really wanted to get in a few laps and then float around a little before we moved on to the sauna and the rest of our day. We giggled and caught up whilst enjoying the sun’s rays that peaked through the courtyard and endless glass walls and lit up the pool and that gorgeous leafy feature wall.

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After a quick hot shower we leisurely made our way to the organic juice bar and ordered a salad and juice for later. Louise’s beaming energy is so contagious and while leaning over the bar we got to talking about the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how nutritious a simple dish can be when made with the right ingredients. All their snacks and juices are freshly made and packed with organic, local and wholesome ingredients that feed your body a supportive diet.

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Now what would a day at the spa be without a ‘schwitz’ ? And Sanya do it right. A real Nordic feel to their sweet sweating zone, carefully lit in the right places and instantly relaxing as you sit in the steam room and sauna. In between those detoxifying sweats we splashed our faces and slathered our bodies with ice chips: a truly invigorating and energising experience that got me squealing like a little pig! 🙂 We then ended our sexy sweat-session with a revitalising walk through their alternating-thermal showers which really boost your blood circulation and is a must when at Sanya. Dila and I then made our way to the relaxation room and browsed through some of the books about meditation and different travel destinations before plonking ourselves on the plush seating to just chill for a few minutes.

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On one of the little wooden slated tables our beautifully prepared salad waited for us and after a little admiration for Louise’s presentation, we dove straight in whilst watching her snip away at a new batch of microgreens in the courtyard.

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My oh my it was so good! Some of you might be thinking, ‘but it’s just a salad!’ …but you have to try it. Every bite was sensational: imagine different flavours and textures bursting at alternate levels as you munch and enjoy the nutty, grainy, crunchy, creamy and smooth textures. With homegrown micro greens and sprouts, organic little salad ingredients, a superb-looking (and tasting) sunflower hummus, that addictive vinegar-y kimchi and those carrot seed stacked dehydrated crackers it’s no wonder I have so much praise for this dish!

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We washed everything down with a classic green juice and then got dressed and prepared ourselves for what was next: 1hour and 30minutes of Yin Yoga and Sound Meditation with the beautiful and inspiring Amber.

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Dila and I felt that these 90 minutes really helped us focus on what truly is important, the beauty of loving yourself and showing love to others, of being at peace and of course feeling superbly stretched out and long after holding those poses for ages! Yin Yoga has the same intentions as any other form of yoga but the difference lies in that it goes deeper than the muscular tissue and taps into the connective tissues, bones, and even the joints of the body. During the first part of the session we practiced Yin Yoga and Amber gently guided us through the different poses, reminding us to inhale and exhale really deeply as we held our poses for several minutes and slowly went deeper and deeper. Through the right choice of words Amber helped me to focus on one thing and clear out my mind, to think more positively and to literally feel like my heart was opening up to more love. I already felt a deep inner peace.

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We then all went into savasana pose (corpse pose), laying flat on our mats in a semi-circle with Amber and her array of instruments at the centre. She covered us in blankets to keep us warm and as the lights went out and she began to play the gongs and bowls, wave after wave the sounds literally washed over us. With the vibrations of the sounds and Amber’s enchanting gentle voice I genuinely felt like I had reached a newfound peacefulness and somehow it brought out strong emotions. Which Amber reassured me were normal 🙂 It isn’t easy to explain this experience without sounding a little odd, but those 90minutes were moving. With the lives we lead I think dedicating some time to meditation and your wellbeing is worth a try. And this ancient tradition of sound meditation is the perfect way to reach that deeper peacefulness.

Thank you Sanya, you have changed us 🙂 

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