We’re pretty much slap bang in the middle of summer, and if you’re reading this in Malta, well it’s mad hot at the moment! I think it’s safe to say that a big majority of us love ice-creams…popsicles…lollies…you name it, especially with these stifling temperatures.

So why not try make your own? There are so many variations of popsicles you can dabble with and they couldn’t be easier to make! I decided on peaches since they’re currently in every store you go to and the coconut cream, well, the song ‘Peaches N Cream’ from none other than Snoop Dogg came to mind…so I had to! 🙂

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One of the farmers and I had a little chat and he  mentioned that sadly due to this year’s measly attempt at rain…Maltese peaches were scarce if at all. However, the ones we have aren’t coming from far (Sicily) and I have to say, they do taste as mouth-wateringly divine as the local ones, both the flat white kind and the round orange-fleshy ones.

About the Ingredients (Facts Baby!)

Peaches are a little goldmine when it comes to their nutrients and vitamins. High amounts of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C are just a few on the list. These ‘fury’ juicy fruit are rich in antioxidants and really aid the skin in achieving that natural glow. Also a really good immune system booster and well known to give your digestive system a gentle kick in the right direction 🙂

Most of you by now must have heard of the endless health benefits of coconut products such as raw cold pressed oil, water and milk. So it comes as no surprise that I’d use coconut cream in my summery desert to give it that creamy texture. Contrary to what most are told, coconut cream is not going to make you ‘fat’. Yes it has fatty acids in it; however there is a marginal difference between medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs). MCFAs (coconut cream) are much smaller in size than LCFAs and therefore do not require insulins to help penetrate the cells. This means MCFAs are more efficient when supplying energy to our cells. In a nutshell, when your cells get energy faster, they become more active. Active cells speed up your metabolism. And the highlight of a speedy metabolism is; your body goes into fat-burning mode.

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Making these popsicles is so easy and all you need are 3 main ingredients and some sort of mould to pour your mixture into to freeze.

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The shot-cup lollies

Popsicle Moulds

For this recipe I used an ice lolly tray (4 moulds) and I bought a pack of plastic shot cups from the supermarket. Then I used kebab sticks which were a little thicker on one end (good to hold) and cut them accordingly (this all needs to fit in your freezer in an upright position).

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The large lollies before freezing

Ingredients to make the vegan popsicles

Make approx. 4 large lollies (see pic.) and 10 mini shot-cup lollies (see pic.)

5 large ripe peaches *

200ml coconut cream

3 tablespoons agave syrup** (optional)

Approximately ¼ to a ½ teaspoon of pure bourbon vanilla extract ***

A few thinly cut pieces of peach to push into each mould before freezing


*you know it’s ripe when the skin could be peeled off easily and its slightly soft and dripping in juice when you open it

**a vegan sweetener coming from the agave plant

***I got mine from Dr. Oetker in Germany


How to make the peach and coconut cream popsicles

Peel the peaches (I peeled them over the blender container so every drop of their juice went straight in!)

Place everything in the blender and blend away!

Pour into the lolly moulds

Place the wooden sticks in the centre of each and freeze for minimum 6 hours. I left mine overnight before eating.

Tip: To remove them from the mould, put them under warm water for a few seconds and wriggle the stick around gently. The popsicle will slide out in no time.


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