Another ‘no gym no problem’ video but this time with a different training partner. Use your workout buddy as your weight to really get your muscles burning!

Try squish in a warm up before these sets and a little stretch so that you are good to go. Using eachother’s body weight to add resistance was so much fun, but I have to admit I was knackered by the end of it! Both Marco and I had done cardio (running/jogging) right before this and had massive muscle aches from previous workouts.

As you guys can see, these exercises can be done literally anywhere, just play around a little to see which ones you’re capable of doing and make sure to always keep your core tense since these sets require a fair amount of balance. Also, the repetitions we give for each set in the video is just a suggestion…if your body is shaking and struggling after 8 reps…then stop (you don’t want to fall on eachother…trust me I did and Marco got the blunt of it haha!). Or do more reps if you feel you can go on! If you are not sure how to do some of these, drop us a little comment or message and we’d gladly explain in more detail.

Have an awesome weekend boys and girls! X


*Dila&Dominique is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using or following our fitness tips, videos or pictures.

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