I have always been known for being quite the product junky, and since having Arthur my attentions has slightly shifted towards everything baby related. Even though we already had a bunch of products that we were very pleased with, that junky inside me could not stay still until we tried out a few more items that caught my always wondering eyes.

We love our bathtime! So I am extra thorough when it comes to picking the right skincare products for our nugget. I mainly go for organic, all natural items with the highest quality ingredients.

Mommy Care Calendula Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath Soap

I came across them when I was randomly grocery shopping and passed by the baby section to get some nappies. I remember the very first time I tried out one of the tester products when I just had Arthur and was given a bunch of testers while shopping for baby stuff. Arthur had very sensitive skin as a newborn that was prone to excessive dryness and one of the tester items, Baby Bath Oil helped a ton. However, I hadn’t actually seen Mommy Care products until recently. I went ahead and bought the Shampoo to test it out. After using it for approximately a week I was in love! I did a bit of research and got some more products.


Arthur has a pretty sensitive skin, gets it from his daddy, hence I opt for all natural products without Parabens, SLS and all that nasty stuff. I also bath him everyday, because it’s part of his bedtime routine, and he gets very sweaty and scruffy by the end of the day. One thing I obsessively try to avoid is drying his skin out by stripping it off of all natural oils. For this reason, I only use shampoos and soaps every other day (well depending on how scruffy he got that day). Another thing he suffered from for a long time was mild cradle cap. Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Body Wash helped greatly at clearing it, but I still wanted to go ahead and try something else to see if it was just as good.

The main components of the Mommy Care Calendula Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath Soap are Calendula (duh?), Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Jojoba and Aloe Vera. So far his head is clear of cradle cap and his skin hasn’t dried out even though we use the soap daily. Also, we hardly ever use lotion because the super hyper nugget won’t let me put a nappie on him let along a lotion.

I bought them at Pama Supermarket in Mosta. I don’t remember how much they were exactly but somewhere between 7-8 euros.

Bath Toys and Dental Care

Our dear Jasmin is very considerate with her presents! While she was visiting her family in Germany, she got us some amazing bath and teething toys.

Mollis Newborn Gum Massager/Toothbrush.

Mollis is a German brand that makes baby products using only non toxic materials such as rubber and silicone.


That thing is brilliant as baby’s first tooth brush. Arthur has got 6,5 teeth at the moment, so we started focusing more on his dental hygiene. We have a regular kids’ toothbrush that’s bristles, I feel, are a bit too harsh for his sensitive little gums. So that finger brush thing is ideal at massaging his gums when he is teething and brushing his existing pearly whites!

Lanco Squeaky Bath Toys Yellow Duckie and a Dolphin 


These are handmade bath toys made of 100% natural rubber. They are so soft that I let Arthur use them as a teething toy outside of the bath too! He loooves them! Even more than his ship that shoots water and moves on its own that daddy brought all the way from Hamley’s in London.


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