Colour correcting is the process of using coloured tones to neutralise skin imperfections such as dark circles, redness, blemishes, etc. The technique has been used for years by many makeup artists and has recently taken the beauty world by storm.

diladominique colour correcting wheel 101

Colour Wheel

Colours directly across from another cancels the other out.

Peach/Salmon concealers cancel out blue, purple, green hues. Ideal for concealing around the eye area, masking signs of fatigue.

Purple, lilac, lavender concealers cancel dull yellow undertones leaving a beautiful glow to your face.

Blue concealers neutralise orange hues and can be used to conceal freckles.

Yellow concealers are ideal for hiding blue or purple bruises, veins or intense under eye circles.

Orange concealers work better for people with darker skin to mask dark circles and discolourations.

Green concealers are perfect for getting rid of any redness from a zit, sunburn, and acne scars.

White concealers are used to highlight your upper cheekbones, inner and outer corner of your eyes. It is always better to be careful with white concealers to avoid looking sickly.

Neutral concealers are used for minimal imperfections. Choose a shade that is similar to your skin tone to mask an occasional pimple, or a shade lighter to highlight the centre of your face while contouring.

The colour wheel is not one-size-fits-all situation. It is important to consider your skin tone (fair, medium, dark) and skin type (normal, oily, combination, dry) to achieve the best results. Lavender that neutralises yellowish undertones in fair skin, can look chalky on darker skin.

Conceal dark circles according to your skin tone:

Salmon – fair to light complexion

Peach – light to medium complexion

Orange – medium to dark complexion

Red – dark to deep complexion

Depending on your skin type, some correctors might better suit your complexion. While cream formulas might work for pretty much any skin type, if you suffer from overly dry skin, you might benefit from liquid or serum based correctors.

We have seen dozens of Instagram/YouTube videos of beauty gurus applying bright colours on every part of their face for a perfect complexion. However, keep in mind that colour correctors add another layer of product to your skin. For those who aren’t a big fan of heavy make up, you might consider “spot treating”. Always analyse your bare skin and identify the areas that DO need a bit of concealing. In most cases, it might be dark circles from lack of sleep, a little bit of redness around your nose and mouth, and an occasional zit here and there. You can use a small concealer brush to apply the correcting concealer on your skin then pat it with your fingers, and let it set…always! Colour correcting can go terribly wrong if not used sparingly. You might change the colour of your foundation if too much is applied.

When it comes to foundation, pick the one with a medium to full coverage, as sheer foundations will not work. Orange and green correctors will show right through the sheer liquid foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser.

If you think that all these colour-correcting techniques are too much work for your 5 minute morning makeup routine, but you still want a well rested complexion, then start small. Mix pink or peach toned corrector with small dots of concealer then blend it in with your eye cream under the eyes for an instantly brighter look!

When it comes to picking out the right product, you have a wide selection of individual shades or palettes. Determine what exactly are your skin problems that need neutralising, and depending on the number get a single shade or a palette with a variety of shades.


Some of my imperfections are dark circles (comes with joys of motherhood), redness around my nose and the corners of my mouth, pigmentation, and an occasional red spot. I used Sleek’s Colour Corrector Palette that offers 6 shades; green, lilac, blue, rose, yellow, and orange. Available at Roseberry in Valletta.


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