Nothing beats making your own body scrub and knowing every ingredient that goes in it, and that they are all working together with their superb benefits to nourish your skin inside and out!

Get a super glow with this awesome DIY scrub which boosts circulation, helps reduce inflammation and gets your skin feeling velvety smooth by rubbing off your dead skin cells 🙂 The combination of filtered coffee with the sugar and salts, together with moisturizing honey and a dash of oil give you the ultimate elixir for soft fresh-looking skin.

Before you go to the kitchen cupboard and pull out instant coffee…don’t. It doesn’t work with instant. It needs to be coffee leftovers from a filter machine or for example a coffee press. If you do not have one, then you can get leftover coffee from any restaurant, cafe or bar (just ask for the coffee leftovers from their filter.. they may give you a weird look, but who cares-it’s free and awesome for your skin!)

Combine the below ingredients, get in the shower and before putting the water on apply this scrub all over your body and gently exfoliate. Yes it’s a little messy..but you’re standing in the shower so all good 🙂 Then get the shower on and gently rub it off and proceed to your normal showering routine.

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Coffee Scrub Ingredients:

5 heaped teaspoons coffee

3 heaped teaspoons brown sugar

1-2 teaspoons thick honey

1 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt (roughly ground) or Sea Salt

A few drops of oil (either extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil)*

*Add the oil if your skin tends to be more on the dry side

Tip: If you’re using filter coffee from a coffee-presser contraption at home, make sure to drain the liquid through a sieve or whatever so that the consistency isn’t too liquidy. If you’re getting it from a restaurant or cafe, it usually is okay (i.e not a sludgy mush like mine tends to be! 🙂 )

Enjoy it!

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