Here’s a refreshing, easy to whip up drink that’ll cleanse you from the inside out with the addition of vitamin goodness. Whether you believe you need a fully fledged detox or just would like to drink something healthy that’ll nudge your digestive system in the right direction, this beverage scores brownie points for us all!  An invigorating concoction to boost bowel movement and amp up your immune system with all its vitamins and anti-inflammatories, this drink will de-bloat and help flush those toxins out.

Something We Should all Know

A toxin is a substance that brings forth harmful effects to our body. Our immune system, liver and kidneys are constantly working as a team to rid our body of these toxins. Now most of us instantly think of environmental toxins such as chemicals, water pollution and radiation however a big chunk of toxins are actually coming from the food we choose to eat. These types of toxins come from foods that are processed (such as ham), full of preservatives and loaded with wheat and sugars, to name a few. So when our toxin levels within our body soar, we no longer have the capacity to flush them away, leading to a build up of these nasties. They can be stored in our body for years without us even noticing, but eventually illness and intolerances may come knocking at our door.

There is an abundance of information about this topic and what happens when you eat too much of the wrong foods, however I feel I should stop here before I turn this into an essay which no one will read 🙂 Here is just one example of a site listing a couple toxins that we are probably familiar with:

So in a nutshell, choose a well-balanced lifestyle with occasional treats and try not to succumb to the array of fad diets and fast food that is all around us.

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About this drink

Time and time again you’ll hear that the best way to cleanse is to eat clean and drink loads and loads of water. True story that is. However here’s a little booster that will gently help rid your body of those pesky toxins and in the process fill you up with vitamins. Oh and to stick with my ‘Immune System Boosting’ theme, this one will surely help those of you feeling a little under the weather.

The cucumber will rehydrate and act like a diuretic, helping eliminate fluids. This chunky green has an abundance of B Vitamins and Vitamin K.

The lemon and orange are powerful antioxidants known to rid the body of toxins such as fat cells, which can aid in weight loss. Of course, as we all know, they also contain loads of Vitamin C: an instant immune system booster!

Pretty little ginger; an anti-inflammatory goddess known to relieve an upset stomach and relax the intestinal tract. Boosting your digestion it therefore helps detox your system and fill you up with its whopping amount of antioxidants.

Lastly is mint, which Malta has plenty to offer. A herb I regularly infuse in hot teas and waters for its magical benefits on the digestive system. It soothes stomach gases and helps your body absorb nutrients. A definite staple for those seeking to cleanse their system 🙂

Ingredients for the detox water:

Makes approx. 1.5L

Water of 1/2 a cucumber

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Juice of 1 orange

A couple fresh mint leaves

A few slices of fresh ginger

1l-1.5L of bottled water

Optional: Agave to sweeten

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How to make the detox water:

1. To get the liquid out of the cucumber for this drink you will need to peel (only if it isn’t organic) it and using a cheese grater, grate the cucumber on a plate. Now take the grated cucumber slush and press it through a sieve. Make sure the sieve is nestled in a bowl so the water comes out in it. You can press using a spoon or fork…or your hands (I find this the quickest). The more you press, the more water comes out. The cucumber slush that’s left is perfect for making a traditional Greek Tzatziki. Check out my recipe here . 

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                                                                         The cucumber slush vs the cucumber water 🙂

2. Pour the cucumber water, juice of 1/2 a lemon and the juice of 1 orange in a water carafe/jug/     bottle. Now add a generous amount of sliced fresh ginger and a handful of fresh (washed) mint leaves.

3. Add a drizzle of agave for sweetness and stir well.

4. Now top up with bottled water and chuck in a few lemon, cucumber and orange slices to further infuse…plus look pretty 🙂

5. Store in the fridge

P.S I often just top up the jug with more water when I’m halfway through the magic potion…it’ll just be more diluted, still refreshing and good 🙂


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