Wake in the Lake

Anything related to the water and you can count me in. Add in some sort of sport and I’m all ears. So you can just imagine how excited I was to be going to a Wake-park! Keep on reading to check out the cool clip and photos 🙂

Adventure Climbing in Trees!

Imagine a forest, beautiful, lush and green. Now imagine you can actually climb high up in the trees and feel like you are on one big adventure! If you love the outdoors you need to try this. Keep on reading to find out about my super time in the forest 🙂

Springtime Camping in Malta

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and are ready to rough it out a little (as in keep your ‘needs’ to a minimal and live simple) then you should definitely give it a go! Keep on reading to find out about my camping trip, some golden moments, a few dos and don’ts and loads of super pictures!

A Week in Paradise. Koh Samui

Our short trip to the heavenly island of Koh Samui, while I still was pregnant with Arty.