Baby Updates: 12 months

Arthur is a toddler now! Can you believe it? Because I cannot. A year has flown by, but I feel like it was only yesterday that I was complaining about hourly feeds and colic.

Kids Fashion: Summer Essentials

Here comes our first fashion post, and it’s a kids one! I have put together our 3 best-loved, constantly worn, beyond comfy summer outfits, that are perfect for play dates, outdoor lunches, and walks around the block.

Current Bathtime Favourites

We love our bathtime! So I am extra thorough when it comes to picking the right skincare products for our nugget. I mainly go for organic, all natural items with the highest quality ingredients.

Sleep Training and Current Sleep Schedule

Cry It Out (CIO), also known as “extinction”, is a method where you let your child learn how to sooth themselves to sleep.

Arthur’s Favourite Berry Chia Pudding

This recipe is just ideal for hot summer days and will be loved by children as well as adults! It has no added sugar, no dairy and tastes just like ice cream when made with frozen fruit.

Current Bedtime Routine

I know I am not be THE person to give sleep related advices, but I did manage to get my snuggle bear to sleep through the night not once or twice, but 5 times! So here I am to tell you mommies with babies that just won’t sleep, if I can do it so can you!

Baby Updates: 9 months

Mr Arthur Booth has hit the big 9! He is very far from the little peanut I brought home from the hospital.

Baby Food: Red lentils and Sweet potato

Another success recipe! Arthur finished a whole bowl of this yumminess, which is a huge deal for us 🙂