Creamy Polenta Topped with a Mushroom Ragout

This popular northern Italian grain paired with the herby port mushroom sauce will get you feeling all fuzzy and warm. Click here to find out more about this super easy and healthy recipe 🙂

A Cleansing Vitamin Booster

Here’s a refreshing easy to whip up drink that’ll cleanse you from the inside out with the addition of vitamin goodness!

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Since switching to plant based diet, and trying to drastically limit my dairy intake, I have been struggling to satisfy my sweet-tooth. These nutty chocolate truffles are perfect to nibble on with a relaxing cup of tea. It is also a great snack that will curb your hunger when you are on the go.

Lunch Date at Charles Grech Bistro

Charles Grech Bistro was one of those places we had been meaning to visit for quite some time. Luxurious setting, smooth jazz in the background, scrumptious food, and attentive waiting staff made an ordinary Saturday lunch into a delightful experience.

Tea Please and a Sage Leaf too!

A little bit about immune system boosting and how to heal your body naturally. Keep on reading for two super tea recipes and my (now not so) secret solution for a sore, itchy throat!

Inca Inspired Quinoa Soup: An Immune System Booster

This flavour packed quinoa soup is reminiscent of my days in Bolivia with the added benefit of being a healthy option to kickstart 2017! Stay tuned for more recipes and drinks that’ll amp up your immune system and cleanse your body X

Gluten-Free Banana and Walnut Muffins

Who doesn’t like breakfast muffins? A warm, moist muffin with a pat of butter and an uplifting cup of steamy coffee is an ideal start of any day! Additionally, when the muffins are packed with nutritious ingredients, they will fill your tummy with all the yummy without feeling guilty.

Sweet N’ Spicy Peanut Soba Noodles

As we cross the border from Bolivia to Peru in a stuffy bus, I find myself craving my creamy peanut soba noodle dish. Keep on reading to get the recipe for this super easy and super delicious bowl of goodness!