Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad

Originating from Mediterranean Tabbouleh, this Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad will definitely become your staple dish to throw together as a filling and nutritious meal.

Delicate Gluten-free Orange Muffins

These easy-peasy, delicate and spongy orange muffins combine a handful of ingredients that most of us have in our fridges and cupboards.

Healthy Carrot and Chia Muffins

A pat of butter or jam on a freshly baked wholemeal muffin that packs the natural sweetness of carrots and apple is an ideal start to any day.

A Veganized Cauliflower Gratin

Sometimes I stare at that huge cauliflower head nestled in my fridge, thinking ‘what shall I do with you’? -Well here’s a comforting cauliflower gratin soaked in cashew ‘cheese’ that you must try out 🙂

Vegan Lemon Cupcakes with a Blueberry Frosting

I’m usually quite the panic-y pooh when it comes to baking sweet stuff…not my forte. But these pretty little lemon-y cupcakes turned out so moist with a mild lemon and vanilla flavour and the frosting truly is the ‘cherry on the cake’. Still can’t believe they’re purely healthy! You’ve got to give them a go 🙂

Vegan Gooey Brownies

I think I speak for the majority of us in saying that we all have a teeny bit of a sweet tooth (some more than others) and trying to satisfy that craving while living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. Keep on reading for your brownie fix with some unexpected ingredients 🙂

An Energizing Post-Workout Smoothie

A smoothie made up of ingredients that work in harmony to repair your muscles with hearty proteins and nutrition after a workout, give you a boost of energy and all over well-being to take on your day 🙂 Keep on reading for the yummy recipe and some nutrition benefits.

Nutty Maple Popcorn

Since it’s stay-in-and-watch-movie weather, snacks are necessary and this vegan all natural caramel-y crunchy popcorn is incredible! You need to keep reading to find out how to whip it up before the weekend is here 🙂