With summer pretty much here we all kinda want to give our workouts a boost…that last push before spending long days and watching beautiful sunsets in itsy bitsy bikinis and board shorts (for the boys and cool girls 🙂 ).

As always, make sure you work up a sweat with some light jogging or a fast uphill power walk or a little skipping rope action prior to these sets. Except for the first exercise, you can do these all at home. Dila and I have now started training at a super cool boutique gym in the Swieqi area called ‘Studio Fifteen’. The team are amazing and we’re so happy to be a part of their gym ‘family’.

The Butt Step Down is a weird way of using the assisted pull-up and dip machine. For this I do ask that you crank up the weights as you are after all using a very powerful muscle here: your gluteus maximus. Dila and I set the weight ‘pick’ between 40-50kg and got on with the reps.

Tip: Make sure you focus on using your butt when doing this exercise, so when you’re getting tired, don’t get wobbly and let it go to your back. Also, you shouldn’t be feeling any pressure in your knees.

The Partner Squat is something I first tried while waiting for my rice to boil haha! I pushed my knees together and was holding to the kitchen top as I squatted down. Found that it really works the inner part of the butt muscles as well as all round. Doing this with Dila was fun plus we balanced eachother out when squatting down. If you do this with a partner make sure you hold eachother’s wrists not hands (with possible sweaty hands you can slip a little and falling is no fun). So your knees should be touching aaaand squat down. You can do as many as 30 reps 3 times as there’s no weight. I afterwards tried these alone on the Smith Machine (with added weight) and they really killed!


The Inner Thigh Raises are probably a classic by now and pretty self-explanatory as to which muscles they train. Think everyone knows these but we sometimes forget about them. They are really affective if you do a lot of repetitions and sets, plus adding a little counter weight made them much tougher. I was struggling by the end. Make sure that when you do them you leave little to no break between each set so as to really tire the muscle.

Last but not least, I didn’t know what else to call this one except The Bum Burner haha! –This is such an isolated workout for your glutes and really aids in ‘lifting’ the bum. In the ‘advanced’ version I put a weight between my feet and lifted as before. The difference is that with the weight you are also training your hammies. Either way, make sure you really squeeze your glutes together when pushing upwards. You can genuinely do this anywhere; I used to do this using my sofa…even while my mum is rambling on about something 🙂

I hope you get to try these out and would massively appreciate if you could give our videos a little like and please post any comments, feedback or questions that you have. We want to help and interact-so don’t be shy: just ask 🙂

Dila&Dominique is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using or following our fitness tips, videos or pictures.

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