Getting our skin summer ready is just as important as working on our bikini bodies. As someone with extremely dry skin scrubbing has become a major part of my skincare routine. Apart from making me feel couple of pounds lighter, it also has many amazing benefits. As we massage it all over our body it removes all the dead skin revealing a new healthy layer underneath. Scrubbing itself boosts circulation and helps drain our lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin. Also, my moisturiser goes on like heaven after a good scrubbing sesh!

Lately, I have been extremely obsessed with back to basics, all natural, organic, herbal products. I think hanging around with Jasmin so much has its benefits 🙂 My very recent addition to the collection is ideal for people that prefer less chemicals and more natural goodness!

Some of the most common ingredients in body scrubs is sugar, salt, crushed nutshells and at times chemical exfoliants (alpha hydroxy, glycolic acids).

Most scrubs are either sugar or salt based (sometimes both). So what is the difference?

Sugar granules are less abrasive because they’re rounder than salt granules, making them prefect for people with sensitive skin. Personally, I do not have sensitive skin so I can take stronger sea salt based exfoliants (don’t bother with table salt since the refining process strips it off all its benefits). Salt scrubs are particularly suitable for thicker, drier areas of the body, such as elbows, legs and feet. As someone who scrubs several times a week (3 times), I prefer sticking to gentler options to do not irritate my skin. Undressed Sugar Scrubs are ideal if that is what you’re after.

What makes Undressed Sugar Scrubs special?

Sugar is considered to have a cooling effect, opposed to heating, which is ideal for our Mediterranean climate and hot summer months. Their sugar scrubs work both on mechanical and chemical levels. It mechanically removes expired dead skin cells due to abrasive action and chemically peels due to natural occurrence of glycolic acid. Undressed Sugar Scrubs go a step further then regular sugar based scrubs and have moisturizing properties within the scrub itself to ensure that your skin is truly cared for! It’s simply a little jar of treasure 🙂

If you want to try out another amazing homemade scrub full of goodness, then don’t forget to check out Jasmin’s Coffee Scrub 🙂

Stay beautiful!

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