The more we read, the more we realise that it’s not just about knowing where your food is coming from, but also the products we put on our face day in day out. Our skin is exposed to so many harsh environmental elements and is constantly exposed to free radicals that the least we can do is use natural skincare. That would mean applying products that do not contain parabens, phthalates, colouring and all sorts of chemicals, but instead ingredients that come from nature itself. So we started to research into brands that use ingredients we actually understand and feel comfortable knowing they’re on our skin, because after all, that goes into our pores and our system.

Cruelty-free beauty is something we have been reading up on for quite some time and been gradually transitioning into. Unfortunately, a lot of the heavy players in the beauty industry test on animals, and sometimes you have to do thorough research to find out whether they are actually cruelty free or not. It’s a slow process to swap out all our products for cruelty free, organic and natural ones, but it’s worth it knowing that an animal hasn’t been poked and prodded, and the ingredients are clean and pure. How it should be.


We have always been extremely conscious about what we apply on our skins and put in our bodies, some of our favoured brands were already cruelty free and consisted of mostly natural ingredients. Here are some of our current favourite products that we’d like to share with our beautiful readers and hope you find this useful.


Jasmin’s Picks

Estelle & Thild Biohydrate All-in-one tinted moisturiser: Estelle & Thild is a Swedish luxury cosmetic brand that produce organic, natural, cruelty free products. The founder’s ethos was to create skin care that is pure and using organic ingredients, suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, something her daughters Estelle and Mathilde could also use. This tinted moisturiser protects your skin against harsh environmental elements and gives it a boost of balancing vitamins along with hyaluronic acid to nourish.

For those winter months where I’m looking a little pale, it does a good job at brightening up my skin tone and very subtly covering up some of my red marks from previous blemishes. The texture is liquid-y but quite concentrated so I find that applying it with my fingertips and then using a foundation brush works best so as to make sure it is blended perfectly into my skin. 

diladominique beauty picks Madara SmartMadara Smart Antioxidant Fine Line Minimising Day Fluid: Madara is a Latvian brand providing organic and vegan skincare. The creators have a very holistic ethos reminding us that beauty comes from within and that a radiant heart leads to radiant skin.

Madara Smart Antioxidants Fine Line Minimising Day Cream is a youth-preserving fluid to combat the first signs of ageing. The product is labeled as ‘Smart Antioxidant’ due to its rich formula complex of Lichen, Moss, Fern and Alchemilla, all home to the northern forests. The ingredients work in harmony to deliver hydration, reverse the signs of ageing an smooth out fine lines. Brimming with natural antioxidants it provides continuous protection to preserve collagen and the firmness of our skin. 

Again, this is a cream I purchased for the winter months when my skin routine runs a little differently to the summer. This cream is so light from a consistency point of view but still leaves my skin feeling dewy, refreshed and protected from the harsh outdoor elements. It’s made for dry to combination skin, which works perfectly for me. It comes with an easy-to-use pump like the Estelle & Thild Moisturiser does, and is spot on for those (like me) with sensitive skin. I couldn’t recommend this product enough.

diladominique beauty picks Wild FernsWild Ferns Intensive Eye Cream: Wild Ferns is an ethically sourced brand founded and produced in New Zealand. They use ingredients such as Manuka honey, kiwifruit, bee venom and thermal mud which are native to New Zealand and give wonderful results. They really do their part in using environmentally-friendly packaging and not testing on animals; brownie points! 🙂

Wild Ferns Intensive Eye Cream is rich and concentrated, containing pure active Manuka honey and fortified with Vitamins A, C and E to protect the ever so delicate areas around the eye. This intensive eye cream is said to hydrate and restore the skins elasticity and texture which in turn helps diminish the appearance of fine lines.

 It comes in a cute little yellow tub and the cream itself is not very thick in consistency.  After a homemade oat mask I like to apply this Wild Ferns product on the delicate skin around my eyes right before going to bed- kind of like a little booster to help my skin heal overnight. However when my skin is feeling super dry during the day in winter, or on the rare occasion when I wear make-up, I apply a little dot of this cream under each eye and gently pat it in before continuing with make-up. It really nourishes the delicate areas around my eyes and helps with my occasional puffiness. 


Dila’s Picks

DilaDominique-beauty-picks-lush-min-julipsLush Mint Julips Lip Scrub is a must have if you suffer from extreme dryness during the winter season. This sugar scrub consists of fresh ingredients such as Peppermint oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Vanilla extract and Tagetes oil.

This refreshing jar of minty goodness is so pure that after applying a pea-sized amount on your lips, you can literally lick off the excess! I use it once or twice a week depending on how dry my lips are, which they haven’t been in a while. It leaves my lippies polished and moisturised, thanks to the Jojoba oil!

diladominique-beauty-picks-kiko-concealerKiko Soft Focus Concealer. The skin around why eyes is extremely difficult to work with, as my lids are slightly oily while my under eyes are pretty dry. Additionally, thanks to motherhood I have dark circles and under eye bags added to the list of issues. So picking out a concealer is an extremely tedious process.

I reach for this Kiko concealer every time I go for a minimal fresh look. While it doesn’t offer great coverage, it is extremely lightweight, and does not leave the skin around your eyes looking caky, making it ideal for a daytime effortless look. The quality of the product and sleek silver packaging makes it almost difficult to believe the ultra affordably price (GBP 7.50).

diladominique-beauty-picks-charlotte-tilbury-bronze-and-glow-duoCharlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette is one product I will always swear by! Previously featured on my Everyday Makeup Look, the palette is perfect for those who love a bit of contour but do not want to look caky.

The whole contouring technique hit the beauty industry by storm, and companies soon adjusted to the demand by producing endless amounts of pallets. As much as I love the power of contour, I am not a big fan of the whole very obvious orange lines under cheekbones and on the sides of the nose. If you are after a bronzer that seamlessly blends into your skin, and a highlighter so fine that will leave people wondering whether you have anything on or are naturally so glowy, this palette is for you! There is a reason why this duo has won so many awards!


If you have any questions about how to pick a good ethical brand or would like to know where we got these products, do drop a comment below 🙂

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