As Arthur neared his 1st birthday, I started noticing some immense changes in his behaviour. Even though he was slowly becoming more aware of his surroundings, listening and responding to what we were saying, his interest in moving around and exploring whatever was at his sight greatly increased.
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He is very anxious to get his hands on everything. Even if it means for a few seconds, until his attention switches to another nearby object. At this age, an average child has the attention span of 2 to 5 minutes. So during our playtime I try to use our time effectively by showing him how to take things out of containers, buckets and put them back in right order. He quite enjoys dragging his snail container around putting everything in it, even one of his sneakers that can barely fit in it. Exploring is no longer just putting stuff in his mouth, but grabbing, staring, banging, pushing and throwing. I let him play with more than just his toys, even if it means ripping pages off my To Do Lists notebook, banging utensils onto his walker (they’re plastic and pretty safe), or endlessly pressing the Home button on my phone and confusing Siri with his gibber-gabber.
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-He is a chatty little nugget! One of his favourite and most used “words” is still da-da-da. It’s usually used during tantrums, as if he is complaining or cursing. He also makes all sort of weird noises, that can turn into a 5 minute long game if repeated back to him. We are trying to encourage his speech by regularly talking to him while we bathe, feed, dress him, as well as explain shapes and colours of various items. I am also attempting to read to him, but so far he doesn’t show much interest in it.
-He hasn’t started toddling yet, but oh God is he trying. He just holds on every possible elevated thing and shuffles around. Don’t get me started on how comfortable he is in his walker. He can literally chase a running person around.
-At the minute he has got 8 teeth. We are trying to get him used to brushing them. However, all he is interested in is chewing on his toothbrush.
-Nutrition-wise, it is somehow easier. He eats with us. He still is a picky little eater, but when he sees us eating the same thing, he seems more eager. I still am extremely careful with what I am putting in his tiny developing body. For instance, instead of regular chips I make him oven baked sweet potato fries. Did I mention that he LOVES pasta? He can eat it every day…three times a day.
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No matter how exhausted I get by the end of the day, I always look forward to the next one, with enormous enthusiasm about the new tricks the little guy is going to pull 🙂
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