Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad

Originating from Mediterranean Tabbouleh, this Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad will definitely become your staple dish to throw together as a filling and nutritious meal.

Delicate Gluten-free Orange Muffins

These easy-peasy, delicate and spongy orange muffins combine a handful of ingredients that most of us have in our fridges and cupboards.

Healthy Carrot and Chia Muffins

A pat of butter or jam on a freshly baked wholemeal muffin that packs the natural sweetness of carrots and apple is an ideal start to any day.

The Many Benefits Of Vinegar Baths

Home-made treatments that include vinegar are great over-all detoxifiers that can sooth, gently exfoliate, and brighten your skin, as well as treat an array of skin conditions.

Beauty Picks: Our 6 Must-Haves!

We have always been extremely conscious about what we apply on our skins and put in our bodies. The majority of our favoured products consist of natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. Here are some of our current favourite products that we’d like to share with our beautiful readers.

Simplifying Life: Tips To Get You Started

As a follow-up to my previous post about the reasons to simplify life, I have decided to put together a starter guide to get you started.

4 Reasons To Simplify Your Life Starting Now

Nowadays, we are offered many luxuries that are meant to simplify and better our lives. However, at this point we have lost the ability to separate desires from simple necessities. Here are some of the reasons why you need to look into simplifying your life starting now.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Since switching to plant based diet, and trying to drastically limit my dairy intake, I have been struggling to satisfy my sweet-tooth. These nutty chocolate truffles are perfect to nibble on with a relaxing cup of tea. It is also a great snack that will curb your hunger when you are on the go.