This was just way too much fun and I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before! Marco really hit the nail on the head when he took me to an adventure climbing park a couple days ago. The past week I’ve been in the super south of Germany visiting his hometown…a.k.a the tiny green village of Salem.

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Now some guys need to wine and dine their chick to really win her heart over. Me?- Take me to the forest where I can climb and zip line and wobble on a rope mid-air hanging from tree to tree! This super adventure park is in a forest surrounded by fields and rolling green hills that go on for miles. We drove from Salem to Immenstaad (where this ‘park’ is) and passed through endless apple orchards, berry fields and glistening fields of gold (can’t help but hum Sting’s Fields of Gold whilst typing this).

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The only photo I was ‘allowed’ to take of Marco (since I’m a tad clumsy)…so he had to act like he was climbing for me!

They have a wooden hut as there base where you buy the ticket and get all your climbing gear from; harness, clips and all that jazz and a (not so stylish) helmet. Safety first though I guess 😀 You can also get some traditional classics for lunch (like Leberkäsesemmel or Flammkuchen) but being the health freaks that we are (at least 90% of the time), we brought a yummy grilled halloumi and avocado quinoa salad.

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So sick! a Beergarden bench just hanging mid-air! Waiting for my drink haha

Before starting you get a briefing of how to use your equipment, the general rules to follow and the different ‘parcours’ available to climb, 1 being the easiest and 11 the hardest. Kids are actually only allowed on some of the smaller ‘parcours’ as the rest are pretty damn challenging and go rather high up!

We did two different ‘parcours’, 8 and 10- which took us nearly 3 hours! Everything is high up above the ground and some routes you need to use your Flying Fox Trolley (this is a stainless steel bit with 2 wheels that when clicked correctly onto the rope allows you to zip line from 1 tree to another). Others you just need to attach your Carabiners/ clips to the rope and climb or balance on a rope, or jump from one piece of dangling wood to another!

diladominique blog climbing pic8
This is the Flying Fox Trolley with the Carabiners attached…ready to zoom off 🙂

diladominique blog climbing pic5

This was such an amazing idea, had so much fun and I’d definitely do it again! Oh and the next day I actually had a little muscle pain from all the monkey climbing and swinging in the trees 😀

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If you boys and girls ever want to try something a little different when you’re on holiday in greener places, definitely give this a go.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

diladominique blog climbing pic11
Quite far down…

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