As most of us know by now, abs are made in the kitchen. So you can train till you’re blue in the face, if you don’t eat right your abdominal muscles will remain hidden under layers of cushy fat :).  Yeah there are some guys who have an insane digestive system and can eat whatevs and still parade a 4 or 6pack…but not all of us are that lucky!

Soo, if you want to get those beautiful muscles etched onto your stomach: eat clean (at least most of the time), do cardiovascular exercises (like a spinning class, running, boxing etc.) and get these ab sets into your workout routine! There’s so much more on the market than plain old crunches. Bring on the abs!  🙂

How to do the side plank raise:

Pretty simple, just get in a normal plank position, and shift your weight to one forearm. As you can see in the video, my feet are placed on top of each other, knees together and keep your core tense (i.e don’t let your tummy be floppy while doing them). Do 15seconds of a static side plank, followed by 15seconds of side plank dips/raises (should be about 10 dips), then turn to the other side and repeat. Do these 3 times.

Tip for an extra burn: In between each of these sets (30secs on the left arm, 30secs on the right arm) do 1minute normal planking…and repeat this 3 times.

How to do partner leg throwdowns:

Lay on the floor and hold onto your workout buddy’s ankles (like Dila is doing in the video). Keep your feet together, and try to always keep them straight (when you get tired your knees will automatically bend…try force your legs to remain straight). Rise up with your legs and get your buddy to push them back. The harder your partner pushes, the harder it is for you. The trick is to focus on purely using your abdominal muscles (specifically your lower ab area) when controlling this movement to lower and raise your legs. Do 20 reps and then swap with your partner. Do this 3 times.

Alternative leg throwdowns: If you don’t have a workout buddy, not to worry, you can do something similar by lying on a bench, holding onto it past your head and dropping your legs in the same way as Dila does in the video. Or even try it by just locking your hands under a piece of furniture in the same distance away from your head as Dila holds my ankles, and again do the sets.

How to do swissball knee tucks:

Get a swissball under one of your shins and lift your other leg onto it. Your arms straight up, back straight, and start tucking your knees in. You need to focus on keeping your balance, which is another element to the routine. So keep your core tight and tuck those knees in for 10-15times. Do this 3 times.

Have fun boys and girls! 🙂

Disclaimer: Dila Dominique is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using or following our fitness tips, videos or pictures.

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Hi! 🙂

Thanks for the heads up! massively appreciate that 🙂 We’ll look into this cheeky little overlapping issue. And so glad you like the blog! – Do share with us any other feedback or suggestions you may have. Thank you X

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