Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad

Originating from Mediterranean Tabbouleh, this Roasted Romanesco and Bulgur Wheat Salad will definitely become your staple dish to throw together as a filling and nutritious meal.

Delicate Gluten-free Orange Muffins

These easy-peasy, delicate and spongy orange muffins combine a handful of ingredients that most of us have in our fridges and cupboards.

Healthy Carrot and Chia Muffins

A pat of butter or jam on a freshly baked wholemeal muffin that packs the natural sweetness of carrots and apple is an ideal start to any day.

Say Sanya Sometimes

With our magnetic pull towards anything that’s natural and organic it comes as no surprise that we finally spent a day at this wonderful Eco Spa. Keep on reading to find out about Sanya and our incredible experience.

A Veganized Cauliflower Gratin

Sometimes I stare at that huge cauliflower head nestled in my fridge, thinking ‘what shall I do with you’? -Well here’s a comforting cauliflower gratin soaked in cashew ‘cheese’ that you must try out 🙂

Vegan Lemon Cupcakes with a Blueberry Frosting

I’m usually quite the panic-y pooh when it comes to baking sweet stuff…not my forte. But these pretty little lemon-y cupcakes turned out so moist with a mild lemon and vanilla flavour and the frosting truly is the ‘cherry on the cake’. Still can’t believe they’re purely healthy! You’ve got to give them a go 🙂

The Many Benefits Of Vinegar Baths

Home-made treatments that include vinegar are great over-all detoxifiers that can sooth, gently exfoliate, and brighten your skin, as well as treat an array of skin conditions.

Beauty Picks: Our 6 Must-Haves!

We have always been extremely conscious about what we apply on our skins and put in our bodies. The majority of our favoured products consist of natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. Here are some of our current favourite products that we’d like to share with our beautiful readers.